Underage football in Ireland is preparing for one of the biggest upheavals in its history when the 2011 season kicks off next September . When it does, every player currently registered will lose a year and jump to the age group, they would have played in the 2012-2013 season. The reason for the introduction of the rule is as a result of a request from the FAI to bring the country into line with European age groups, so that our international teams will end up playing on a level playing field. In effect if you are playing under 8 this season, you will jump to under 10 next season Many of the schoolboy leagues voted against the imposition of the new rule, but regardless, all schoolboy clubs will be affected by its introduction The down side of all this, will be the under 17s, who will be catapulted straight into amateur or senior football. It is the grassroots of the schoolboy game that the effects will be felt the greatest and while matters should settle down in the season 2012-13,the weight of the changes will be felt most, next season.