Our Bag Pack in Tesco Rathfarnham took place last weekend A big thank you to Vanda Cosgrove who organised the 3 days Thursday Evening kicked off with the Under 17s followed by The Under 16s on Friday night. Both nights went well with either Team under pressure. The buckets filled at a slow pace, but by the end of the night we were Half way there towards raising enough monies towards our defibrillator. We didn’t know what to expect Saturday Morning? Our Under 12s were kitted and booted and ready for action! As soon as 10am arrived, the customers were filling the store. For next 8 hours it was non-stop as the buckets filled. The Under 13s took over at 12pm followed by the 15s and few 16s. It was a great day and the people of Rathfarnham were very generous. We decided we would drop 2 leaflets into everyone’s shopping. Advising them of our next fundraiser. Clothes Designer Sale and a brief History of the club. Thankfully a number of parents realised the pressure we where under? Instead of dropping their children and leaving, they rolled up their sleeves And began packing. Thank you to Darina Campbell, Nuala McGuinness, Michael Cosgrove, Robbie Campbell,Frank Ryan,John Noonan,Keith Wallace,Declan Connolly And Maria Killeen Maria, Vanda and Catherine finally got all the monies counted and Yes we achieved our objective. Thank you to everyone, teams; parents and committee who helped us, get over the line.